C Magnafolate®

Maxime firmum methylfolate super planeta Domino,

    ·   What is Magnafolate® C?

    Magnafolate® is the patent protected C crystalline L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium salt (L-5-MTHF Ca) which is invented by Jinkang Pharma from China in 2012.

    A scientist Dr.Mitchell from USA extracted around 1mg active folate from four tons of spinach successfully in 1943. However, the chemical property is too active to be stored. “How to make the active folate be stable?” has been a global difficulty since 1943.

    The preparation of the Calcium salt and the crystal type C solved the stability problem completely.
    Making it into Crystalline type is the key to open the door of stable active folate.
    The crystallization technology of Magnafolate® is described in the famous patent of US 9,150,98 B2 (expired until 2032).

    ·   Exclusive advantages
    Magnafolate® C is the most stable L-methylfolate on the planet.
    It has 36 times longer shelf life compared to the generic L-methylfolate (also called amorphous or non-crystalline type).

    Climatic zone Condition Stability
    II 25±2℃&60±5%RH 3 years
    IVB 30±2℃&75±5%RH 2 years ,the study is still ongoing

    Nota: Magnafolate & Reg: C solus Dominus genus methylfolate firmum esse apud IVB zona.

    ·technica features
    · VS folic acidum
    · carpere remis Utilius
    Apta omnes homines in · inter MTHFR gene mutationem.
    Quod Superius · bioavailability
    · Nulla necessitate humorum, potest absorbetur directe
    · VS L-genus methylfolate
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    · carpere remis Utilius
    · More idoneam solubility

    ·Certification et Patentes
    · Magnafolate®probatus per FDA in MMXVI Ingredientia est quasi dietary nova.
    · NDI CMXX
    · Gras se confirmavit,
    · Cibum gradu, secundum produci ISO22000
    Veneni · gradus, secundum produci cGMP
    · Kosher et Halal certificated, etc ..
    It 's · Nunc protegeretur per LXI patents toto orbe terrarum quam

    · Preclinical Biodisponibilidad
    · Preclinical Aedes
    · Magnafolate® VS folic acid in birth defect
    Eget porttitor · applications (T a Cana nunc eloquar)

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    Group Suadeo Per diem dosage
    adultorum 400ug
    Graviditas 600-800ug
    Salutem modus 15mg
    Cultura cognitiva 1mg




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